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Under this section you will find everything you need to help you find what’s involved within Building Regulations.

You may also find it advantageous when submitting for building regulations to contact Total Building Control Ltd .  They often don’t require 48 hrs notice to visit your site, hence saving you time.


Before any site commencement, be prepared on the legislation, regulation and costs involved for any project. We can help with appointing an architect and give advice on budget costs before your appointment. We work closely with several architects that we can recommend.

The architect will usually become your principal designer, overseeing the design and H&S of the project. If this is not the case, then don’t panic as we can undertake these duties.  We recommend that you seek advice from your local council website on planning. Most councils will give a fair amount of information on the process.


Most projects, after planning sought. While in building control. Seeking building regulations will require structural engineer’s information / calculations. We can help recommend or take on this role. Within the overall scheme.


Dependant on the age, type of building & nature of contract an asbestos report may be required.

There are two types of asbestos surveys:

  1. Management Survey – undertaken to identify where asbestos is located within the building.
  2. Refurbishment / demolition survey – required before any intrusive refurbishment or demolition work is undertaken.

The HSE strongly recommends that asbestos surveys are undertaken by UKAS accredited surveying organisations.

All information on surveys / removal and diseases caused by asbestos can be found on the HSE website.

We can strongly recommend several companies that we work alongside to survey and remove asbestos, or we can deal with all this for you within the project scheme.


We feel strongly about health and safety. That is why every member of the team wear identified Hi Vis corporate logos on their clothing. All members undergo regular team talks and tool box talks. Every member has some form of health and safety training and asbestos awareness training. All certification, if required, can be shown.

All managers are briefed by directors on weekly changes within the industry and all work closely when preparing risk & method statements which every member of the team must witness and sign before any works are carried out.

 We also work closely with our consultancy H&S firm, who liaise with us and act as our own Health & Safety Officer on all matters within our business.


CDM (Construction Design Management) will affect everything and everyone within construction. We can help with any issues or concerns that you may have. All projects, including domestic jobs that involve planning permission will require CDM regulations. We can help advise or take away the burden and concerns by appointing or becoming the Principal Designer for you.

For further information on CDM regulation please visit the HSE website – CDM Regulations.

DBS CHECK (Data Barring Scheme – criminal convictions and cautions)

Before you enter into a contract with any contractor, ask for a record of their staff DBS checks. All our staff have undergone DBS checks.  


Useful links to local council planning, building control, governing bodies and trade associations’ web pages:



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